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Flame Arrestor
The Flame Arrestors are useful for stopping the spread of an open fire and prevent them from the occurrence of explosion. Basically, these are useful for stopping the propagation of a flame, which move at subsonic velocities.
The Rotameters are designed to provide the linear scale and provide accuracy for both medium as well as low flow rates. These ensure less pressure loss and find compatibility with corrosive fluid.
Breather Valves
The Breather Valves are used mainly for bulk storage tanks and their usage can lessen the evaporation loss. These are designed to prevent the build-up of excessive vacuum & pressure so that system cannot be damaged.
Pressure Measuring Instruments
The Pressure Measuring Instruments make effective utilization of mechanical motion as well as hydrostatic force. These scientific instruments are designed to measure extremely low pressures.
Level Measurement Switches
Offered Level Measurement Switches are utilized to detect as well as measure different materials such as powder, liquids and ground materials used for plumbing and others. Designed to capture the electrical difference between empty and filled materials, these can effectively detect the level of different materials. 
Level Measuring Indicators
Offered Level Measuring Indicators are suited for the accurate measurement of fluids level, used in various industrial applications. These are designed to control the level of liquids in drums as well as tanks. 
Pressure Relief Valve
Provided are the high-quality Pressure Relief Valves, designed to control as well as limit the pressure in a particular system. These are required to prevent the buildup of accumulates that can clog or block the system. 
Gauge Hatch
The Gauge Hatches enable simple access to storage tanks. These ensure an easy hands-free operation as well as effortless access to storage tanks. The hatches are suited for gauging the product level and provide accurate results in product sampling.
Capacitance Switch and Transmitter
The Capacitance Switch and Transmitters are used to measure the conversion in the position of a conductive target. These are useful for measuring presence, thickness, location and density of several non-conductors. 

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