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Gauge Hatch

Gauge Hatch provides easy access to the storage tanks to gauge product temperature or level. In addition to this, it is also designed to do product sampling. With different sizes available from 4" to 12", this provides maximum performance to the clients with application specific designs. It can be availed with or without clamp covers. It is also used as a supplemental pressure relief vent with standard set pressure. With sturdy and robust body, it can easily work with different loading weights and pressures. Moreover, it comes with a foot opening cover, tape gauge marker as well as flexible sealing member.

Features of Gauge Hatch:

  • Quik-Clamp for allowing easy and swift opening of the hatch with feet
  • No need to remove gloves or hand tools
  • Ideal to be used in cold environments or hazardous products
  • Spark resistant design
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Gauge Hatches

Price: 3000.00 - 10000.00 INR/Unit

Gauge Hatches are used of gauging temperature, product level and product sampling for hands-free operation in different storage tanks used in various industries. They come in separate models used for numerous pressurized and non-pressurized storage tanks. These hatches provide easy access to the storage tanks required for different purposes. They are made up of high grade of metals such as aluminum, steel, furan and many others. These are available in different sizes as per the customers requirement.

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Lock Down Hatches

FIDICON Lock down Hatches offers admission for storing tanks. When locked it promises a vapor tight seal that stops evaporation and leakage loss. It is known for easy inspection, installation, and maintenance offering trouble free process. Its design delivers easy admission for sampling, gauging, temperature dimension or inspection.


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